Student Council at the Rector KalmSU

     Students’ Council is the core body of students’ self-government at Kalmyk State University.
The main goals of the Council are to protect students’ rights, to improve education quality, to give students possibilities of project implementation and creative abilities development, to unite students in solving university’s self-governmental problems.

Headquarters of KalmSU student brigades "Dzhangar"

Students of KalmSU can join different brigades to become a part of various initiatives – building, teaching, working on various factories and plants etc.
Becoming a member of a student brigade is a good chance to develop your skills for free and even earn money in the process. Depending on the brigade and major, you can even start a successful career.
Headquarters is what brings all the brigades together allowing them to work effectively, exchange experience and have fun.


The goal of the Club is to bring together young innovators for communication with successful businessmen, public authorities, experts in various branches of business. Club "GENIUS" of the Republic of Kalmykia provides young scientists the opportunity to exchange experience, to gain the necessary knowledge enabling them to make competent decisions for the establishment and development of small innovative entrepreneurship. Members of the Club "GENIUS" of the Republic of Kalmykia will be able to find much information on their organization of small innovative enterprises, to communicate with a potential partner or investor.

Council of praepostors

The Council of praepostors of the Kalmyk state University is the student government body in the implementation of learning activities of students KalmSU and brings together all the heads of the academic groups of the faculty/Institute of KalmSU, developing integrated policy in the field of their operation. Decisions of the Council of praepostors of the Kalmyk state University are recommended for performance as all the students and administration of KalmSU.
The Council brings together the heads of the academic groups of the faculty/Institute, headed by the Chairman of the Council of heads of faculty/Institute, elected annually at a General meeting.
Chairman of the Council of praepostors of the faculty/Institute shall be elected by the heads of the academic groups of all courses of the faculty/Institute on the basis of universal, equal and direct suffrage, with free vote of all heads of the academic groups of the faculty/Institute. The Council of praepostors of KalmSU consists of the Chairman of the Board of praepostors of KalmSU, Vice-chairmen, Secretary, chairmen of faculties/Institute, headmen and students.

National dance ensemble "Bumbin Orn"

"Bumbin Orn" is the multiple winner of city and regional festivals, the laureate of All-Russia competitions, the laureate of national and international competitions in the field of dancing art. Passion, youth, beauty and expression – all these things –is "Bumbin Orn".

Telecasting studio "Pelikon"

The main purposes "TV Studio":
- development of creative abilities of students and learning the basics in the field of television and journalism
- lighting life of the University in the TV program "Student notebook" and participation in other programs and on Kalmyk television Central TV channels of Russia
- the creation of educational videos
- the creation of a network television broadcasting at KSU
- create video and photo archive KSU
Studio Pelican for many years illuminates the life of the University in the media, creates photo and video archives of the University, documentaries.
The creative team of the Studio are students. They are themselves the authors of the scenarios, operators, Directors assembling their stories.

Pop vocal group "Andante"

Soloists of "Andante” are permanent participants of all city and regional concerts; among students of the studio there are winners, laureates and diploma winners of different competitions.

League of intellectual games

University league of KVN