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The best educational experience we have ever had
13.01.2020 09:08

Students of Humanities Department have recently visited the Kalmyk National Museum  named after N.N.Palmov. The visit was arranged by English language teachers of Germanic Philology Chair Basanova Tatiana Vladimirovna and Akimenko Nadezhda Akimovna. The exhibition “Archaeological excavation findings in the Kalmyk steppe from the ancient times to the modern days” aroused a genuine interest among the students. The museum tour was run by the exhibition curator Kharstkhaev Elveg Dzhirgalovich.

In the following articles the students share their impressions that have been left with them after the visit.

Basanova T.V.



Gaan Irina, a first-year student of “International relations”:

Have you ever learned something new about well-known things? It was the question that popped up in my mind when I looked through a brochure about the local museum exhibitions. "The Pavlov local museum has a good choice of exhibitions. You will like it”,- promisingly said my friends. I decided to invite some of them to visit the museum together.

The museum is located in the city center so everyone knows where to go. It looks rather gloomy and mysterious inside. There is a wide staircase in the center of the hall leading to the second floor of the museum. We left our jackets in a cloakroom and bought tickets in a box office for “Archaeological excavation findings in the Kalmyk steppe” exhibition.

Further, we were met by a guide. He was a young man, not tall, with a funny beard, he looked calm. First, we listened to a lecture on the archaeological findings which was very  interesting. At the same time we walked along exhibition stands and looked at various exhibits. There were ancient vases, dishes, tools and weapons and even skeletons of people and animals. The guide told us about the origin and age of the exhibits and answered all our questions.

My attention was mainly attracted to skeletons of people of that time. They are well presented to these days. Most of all I was interested in the story of the excavations of these exhibits. Personally, I liked this tour, it was not in vain.


Tyurbeeva Valentina,  a first-year student of “International relations”:

  The National Kalmyk museum named after N.N. Palmov is one of the most famous places in the Republic. It presents the cultural and historical heritage of our Republic. Every visitor is able to find something interesting in the place. 
   The museum was founded in 1921. A significant contribution to the museum establishment was made by professors Palmov and Rykov. Today I am going to tell you about our visit to one of the museum’s exhibitions devoted to historical monuments of the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. They were found during excavations on the Republic's territory. It should be pointed out that some of Kalmyk State University's professors took part in excavations. The exhibition gives you an opportunity to see a plenty of amazing things such as tools, fragments of nomadic populations, fabrics and even human skeletons that were gathered together. All mentioned things were found by researchers in various mounds. Historical monuments are accompanied by panels with explanations. So visitors are able to learn information properly. Moreover, a guide is always ready to respond to any your question.

   There was a skull of an Iron Age's human. It was deformed. Some question were asked because of the fact. So we asked:

- Why does the skull looks weird ?

- It was deformed due to some manipulations regarded to traditions of a population,- our guide answered.  His respond surprised us a lot !

   In conclusion, I would love to advise you visiting the museum. You will never regret it! The exhibition is very interesting. It helped us to acquire a huge amount of new valuable pieces of knowledge, get to know the history of our Republic better and eventually spend our time in an interesting way. It was the best educational experience I have ever had!


Turkmenova Adelina, a first-year student of “International relations”:

Have you ever distinguished new traits in an old well-known theme? That is the question I had after visiting the Kalmyk National Museum. My coursemates and I visited the exhibition «Archaeological excavation findings on the territory of Kalmykia from the pre-historic time to the modern days».

      When we arrived, we were fascinated by the Museum building. «Why?» - you will ask. Because the National Kalmyk Museum named after N. N. Palmov is unique and unusual. It was quite cold outside, so we hurried to enter the Museum. At the entrance we were met by a female controller who calmly checked our tickets. Then we went to a wardrobe, where we were met by a woman with a facial expression as if dreaming of a vacation. At this time we were already waiting for our guide who turned out to be not tall with a smile on his face. From the very beginning we felt warmth coming from his heart.

      The guide waited for us to take off our jackets and took us to the hall, where we immediately felt something familiar. In this hall there were maps, weapons, skeletons of people and animals, vessels of catacomb culture and Stone Age. The young man told us about the monuments of the past with enthusiasm and interest, so that we immersed in the most important events of that era. Where if not in a Museum can we learn and see our history, which was found and excavated by our professors, to whom we can approach at any time and learn everything in great details?

      In conclusion, I  want to express my gratitude to the professors who advised to go to the National Museum because after the visit I had a desire to learn the history of my people from the ancient times. If you have the opportunity to go to such a place don't miss it.