First step - to get an invitation, which is necessary for receiving a student visa, you need to send the following documents to the Department of international Affairs:

Application form

Photocopy of the first two pages of your passport

Photocopy of AIDS and RW test results

! Upon consideration of your documents you will be sent the invitation. Please find out the details of getting visa in the Russian Embassy in Your country. The process of making invitation in the migration service takes 1 month that is why you are recommended to send all the documents as soon as possible.


Second step – receive the invitation letter from the Department of international Affairs.


Third step – apply for Embassy in your country to get a student visa on the basis of the invitation


Forth step – send the information about arrival to the Department of International Affairs, come to Elista and bring all original documents:

School Leaving certificate (High School Diploma) with  a notarized translation into Russian

Official copy of academic record (transcript with the list of all subjects and marks) with a notarized translation into Russian

Statements of equivalence of the education certificate (for the certificates outside the Russian Federation)

Medical certificate given by Medical facilities, confirming that you do not have contraindications for studies in the Russian Federation and at the faculty You are applying to;

The AIDS test result confirming that you do not have AIDS, valid on the territory of the Russian Federation;

Passport with visa and migration card ( ! during 3 days after you come to Elista)

Six 3x4 cm photographs


Fifth step – conclude the agreement with the faculty

The Agreement would be concluded on the faculty (and with the faculty) where you will study.

For that you need to:

Bring the copy of passport

Pay study fee