International students can take the opportunity to study at KalmSU as exchange students.

 Kalmyk State University University has signed exchange agreements with a number of universities worldwide facilitating student exchange. Only students from official exchange partner institutions will be accepted for an exchange.

 Contact the international studies coordinator at your University to find out if an exchange agreement with KalmSU exists, or see the list of partner universities.

 Once you make sure that your University has an exchange agreement with us, you can start the application procedure.

 To discuss your individual study plan please contact the Department of International Affairs of KalmSU:

 After your individual study plan has been approved, the Department of International Affairs of KalmSU will make up the invitation letter and assist you in getting the Russian visa and booking the accommodation in student’s dormitory.

 The application deadlines for exchange students are as follows:

 June 30 - for those coming to KalmSU for the autumn semester;

 December 1 - for those coming to KalmSU for the spring semester.

 Conditions of Exchange Students:

- Tuition is free

- Accommodation is free

- Transportation, meals, medical insurance and utilities in the dormitory will be borne by the students

The application procedure

 First step - to get an invitation, which is necessary for receiving a student visa, you need to contact with the international studies coordinator at your University or keep in touch with us by email.

Need to send the following documents:

 Application form

Photocopy of the first two pages of your passport

 Second step – receive the invitation letter from the Department of international Affairs.

 ! The process of making invitation in the migration service takes 1 month that is why you are recommended to send all the documents as soon as possible.

! Please find out the details of getting visa in the Russian Embassy in Your country.

 Third step – apply for Embassy in your country to get a student visa on the basis of the invitation

 Forth step – send the information about arrival to the Department of International Affairs, come to Elista