The Association of Foreign Students in Russia (AIS) was created through the initiative of foreign students, with the support of universities and The Ministry of Еducation of the Russian Federation.

About 100 delegates from all continents attended the constitutive meeting from 17 cities of the Russian Federation, 37 countries and over 28 universities.

The necessity to create the Association connected with the need of foreign students to unite to solve some of the problems associated with their study, life, recreation, intellectual and cultural level, occupation physical education and sport, medical care, legal and social protection, etc.

AIS –self-governing and voluntary organization, without political or commercial purposes.

AIS operates in accordance with the universal Declaration of human rights, the Constitution and other legislative acts of the Russian Federation, Charter of the Association.

The activities of AIS is open to foreign students, public organizations of foreign students, as well as for government, corporations and other organizations of the Russian Federation.


  • Development of a more profound mutual understanding between foreign students of Russian educational institutions, public organizations, and legal authorities;
  • Assistance to foreign students in their professional training; presentation of their legal interests;
  • Contribution to mutual understanding and friendship between nations.


  • Information, adaptation, and social support of foreign citizens who study at Russian educational institutions;
  • Arrangement of extracurricular activities with foreign students (students’ festivals, contests, exhibitions, competitions, concerts, sports events, excursions, etc.);
  • Education:
    • Presentation of objective information about educational services provided by Russian higher educational institutions to other countries;
    • Assistance to foreign students’ admissions both on budget-financed and self-paid terms;
    • Assistance to the Ministry of Education & Science of the Russian Federation to tackle issues arising during foreign citizens’ educational process;
  • Work with foreign alumni of Russian educational institutions: establishment of closer links with foreign public administrators, politicians, and economists who graduated from Russian higher educational institutions.



The Head of branch – Houndayi Anselme

Active member – Baroi Nelson

Active member – Subankul Kyzy Kaniet



Address: Republic of Kalmykia, Elista, 5 microdistrict, dormitory №7