A meeting of the foreign students of Kalmyk State University and the representatives of diplomatic structure of Mongolia, Djibouti, Benin and China took place in the scholarly library on the first of November.

Within the KalmSU’s forty fifth Anniversary Events, Elista was visited by such guests of honor as: Gabriel Kochofa and Mohamed Ali Kamil, the Ambassadors Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Benin and Djibouti in the Russian Federation; Zhao Guocheng, the counselor-minister for Educational Affairs of the Chinese Embassy in the Russian Federation, and Tan Defen, the secretary for Educational Affairs of the Chinese Embassy in the Russian Federation; Sainsanaa Tserenchimed, the secretary for Educational Affairs of the Mongolian Embassy in the Russian Federation; and Viktor Kuprihin, the counselor of the deputy minister for Educational and Scientific Affairs of Russia.

The students, wearing their national costumes, welcomed the guests and then conducted an excursion for them in the Library in company with the rector Badma Salaev. The Embassy staff took an active interest in Calligraphy and Origami classes in Confucius Institute. Those students who had completed an internship or worked in Summer Camps in China recognized that they were impressed by the rich culture and history of this country. In the Kazakh center of Science and Culture a student Ainat Abdrakhmanova mentioned that there are more than 50 representatives of Kazakhstan. ‘’It is very comfortable here. With each passing year, there are more and more students wanting to study in Kalmyk State University,’’ observed she.

Later on the meeting continued in the center of Confucius Institute ‘’Comprehension’’, where the guests were welcomed by its heads of both Russian and Chinese sides, Zhen Fan and Namzhavin Sodmon. The guests watched a film devoted to the Institute’s activity in Kalmykia and Students’ performance, who acted out an episode and read poems in Chinese.

‘’In 2011, our university hosted students from five foreign countries, now there are more than five hundred foreign students from thirty eight countries. Kalmyk State University intensively develops international cooperation. Moreover, developing international cooperation and providing education for students, we educate each one with great traditions of each nation,’’ observed Badma Salaev, the rector of KalmSU.

Anselm Hyundai (Benin), the president of Association of International Students, highlighted that the number of foreign students is increasing due to favorable conditions provided by the university. ‘’Every country is interested in training good future specialists. KalmSU has very high level of teaching. The living environment is also very good, our dormitories are rated among the best in Russia. As for social assistance, the number of activists among foreign students is increasing, they earn cash bonus of ten-fifteen thousand rubles, and they also receive a grant of more than twelve thousand rubles. Thanks to Association of International Students, we have become like a big family and we solve all problems together and organize various events such as festivals, students’ camps for freshmen, activists’ seminary, etc,’’ said Anselm Hyundai.

The foreign students also shared their impressions of studying in Kalmyk State University: they are from China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Mongolia, Indonesia and many other countries. They say they feel here right at home.

Viktor Kuprihin, the counselor of the deputy minister for Educational and Scientific Affairs of Russia, recognized that he was amazed with the way the meeting was held and the good fellowship between the students and the professors. He observed: ‘’ I felt younger with you today. I have noticed such a unity! We are one of the universities, who pay special attention to the international cooperation and the professional training of students from different republics and countries. Thank you for coming to Kalmykia to study Russian. Our cooperation is beneficial for our countries.’’

Gabriel Kochofa, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Benin, compared that friendly atmosphere with the Soviet era. ‘’You reminded me, fellows, the time I studied here. Once, in 1996, I established Association of International Students, and at that time nobody believed in the success of the Association. However, it works, and its branch has appeared in Kalmykia and it is among the best in Russia. I am delighted with your work,’’ said he.

Zhao Guocheng, the representative of the Chinese Embassy, remarked: ‘’it is essential that you implement national diplomacy. We wouldn’t be able to succeed without international cooperation.’’

Sainsanaa Tserenchimed, the cooperator of the Mongolian Embassy in the Russian Federation, warmly greeted the students and said: ’’I am proud that Mongolian students are getting education here. I congratulate you all and wish you new achievements, successful students and graduates!’’

In conclusion, the students invited the guests to the Foreign Students’ Festival, which takes place on the third of November within the International Forum ‘’Universities of Eurasia’’.