On the 16th of April, 2016, Association of International Students or AIS conducted a workshop for the foreign students at the Faculty of additional professional education. The goal of the workshop was putting international students in touch with each other, their adapting to study at the university, uniting the collective and developing teamwork skills.

The workshop provided appropriate conditions for the communication skills and responsibility development and each student got involved in team decision making.

The scheme of the workshop included Anselm Hyundai’s speech about AIS; a communication club, during which the students could practice their Russian and getting to know each other; and in conclusion, students shared their impressions towards the workshop.

The communication club consisted of games and exercises, which helped the students feel supported and make a personal contribution to the team. In addition, the participants had an opportunity to discover their creative abilities with the help of an exercise ‘One day of Student’s life’. The main task of the exercise was imitation of a common student’s day. Everybody was active and could express their talents: they drew colorful posters, which depicted their life in the dormitory, study in the university and, of course, leisure activities such as spending time with friends, walking around the town and etc.

All the students were involved in the event. They worked hard, showed their creative abilities, leadership and teamwork skills. Everybody truly enjoyed it and they said they would expect AIS to come again.

Association of International Students expressed gratitude to the faculty of additional professional education, psychological service of KalmSU, activists of AIS, all the participants and the rector of KalmSU Badma Salaev for support