Foreign students KalmSU together celebrated Russian holiday “Maslenitsa”, Turkic holiday “Nauruz” and Kalmyk holiday “Tsagan Sar”. These ancient, bright, happy holidays means the arrival of warmth, a celebration of life and the flourishing of all life. The holidays gathered all students of Kalmyk State University on one stage.

Preparations for the celebration began in the morning in the yard of the 3rd building of the University. There were students in beautiful ethnic clothing, traditional dancing, Oriental, Russian and Kalmyk melodies.

The event began with international flash mob, which was attended by students from Kalmykia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan. Ardent flash mob was evidence of the strong student friendship in KalmSU.

A lot of congratulations sounded in between emotional performances of students.

Representatives of national diasporas came to visit their compatriots with congratulations. Students pleased with all national dishes.

The holiday ended with a fiery disco. Each one received a charge of good mood!