The Institute of Kalmyk Philology and Oriental Studies of KalmSU was founded in 2007 on the base of the Department of Kalmyk Philology and Culture.

Ya.I. Schmidt (1779-1847) was the first to introduce the study of Mongolian (including the Kalmyk) Philology and History into the number of scientific and academic disciplines. In the middle of the 19th Century the Center of Mongolian Research was transferred to the University of Kazan, where in 1833 the first Chair of the Mongolian Language in Europe was established.

In 1929 at the Saratov State University a Kalmyk Department was opened, which in 1938 became a part of the Kalmyk Teachers’ Institute (Astrakhan) and later (in 1941) moved to Elista. The Kalmyk Department resumed its work at the Department of Philology of the Stavropol Pedagogical Institute in 1957. In 1964 a Kalmyk Pedagogical Institute was opened in Elista and transformed into the Kalmyk State University in 1970, and a direction “Kalmyk Language and Literature, Russian Language and Literature” continues to develop within the Department of Philology of KalmSU.

More than 60 lecturers, including 12 Doctors and 36 Candidates of Sciences work at the Institute. The Head of the Institute is Ph.D., Professor E.E. Habunova.


Basic training is carried out by:

The Chair of Kalmyk Language and Mongolian Studies

The Chair of Kalmyk Literature and Journalism

The Chair of Foreign Languages, Intercultural Communications and Regional Studies

The Chair of Philosophy and Cultural Studies

The Chair of Folklore and Sociocultural Activities

The Institute of Kalmyk Philology and Oriental Studies carries out preparation of professionals in the following directions:

Bachelor’s program:

- Philology (Native Philology: Kalmyk language and literature; Kalmyk language and literature, Russian language; Kalmyk language and literature, foreign language)

- Philology (Foreign Philology: Chinese language and literature, English language)

- Foreign Regional Studies

- Journalism

- Sociocultural Activity

- Sociocultural Activity (specialization - Management of socio-cultural activities)

Master’s program:

- Philology


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