Department of Preparatory Education

In April 2006 a Department of Preparatory Education was founded in the University.

Preparatory Education Directions:

  • Preparatory Department
  • Preparatory courses of various duration (Preparation for the Final State Certifying Examination and the Unified State Examination)
  • Courses of Russian as a Foreign Language (RFL)

The Department of Preparatory Education of KalmSU is currently training students from China, Mongolia, Switzerland, Congo, Benin, Mali, Iraq.

Students are taught the Russian language in small groups. Classes are held six days a week for 4-6 hours per day.

Preparatory course duration: 1 academic year (2 semesters). More than 50% of the time is devoted to the study of the Russian language.

At the end of the academic year all students take exams in the Russian language (First level certificate) and in the majors.

Upon successful completion they’ll be awarded with a certificate. This certificate is essential for admission.

Starting date for students of the preparatory course is 15 September